Bonnie & Clyde Gummies *420mg THC*

Bonnie and Clyde infused gummies! These cannabis enriched gummies contain 420mg of THC in total. These beautifully packaged gummies are truly very tasty and discreet to eat on the go. The new coming to ILS (I Love Smoke) is Bonnie & Clyde gummies. With a powerful strength of 420mg of THC per pack, these gummies are of exceptional quality and very tasty.



Bonnie and Clyde Gummies Flavors:

Comes in five flavors: Blue Raspberry, Grape, Lime, Cherry, and Mystery, and six pieces in each pack.

Bonnie and Clyde Gummies Effects:

It is always suggested to consume a medium amount as its results require some time before they hit in (roughly 30-45min). It will help you get instant relief from stress, insomnia, and chronic pains. It will float you up in the clouds and takes you to the desired heights.

Benefits of Bonnie and Clyde Gummies:

These delicious gummies have many medicinal benefits and are well known for their major uses to treat various disorders.

Today, edible cannabis products have several uses in the medical field and are becoming more popular in traditional natural treatment in clinical settings.

These flavorful gummies are often used to treat conditions, such as chronic pain, cancer-related symptoms, and anxiety.

THC infused in these edibles is responsible for the psychoactive properties of the product, that may elicit feelings of euphoria and relaxation

Note: Please keep these edibles away from children.


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