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Who does not appreciate something as organic as Homemade Butter? And when this Butter makes you high, you definitely want to have it right away. Homemade Butter is one of the many cannabis edibles. These edibles are very popular and liked by cannabis lovers worldwide. The most common types of these readily available Cannabis edibles include chocolates and baked goods, Cannabis-infused candies, beverage mixes, and weed gummies. Homemade Butter is a Cannabis edible that is very strong in THC and has around 200 mg (milligram) in one block.

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Why Homemade Butter?

When something that tastes sweet and rich in THC and can easily be obtained through an online dispensary in Canada, why not Homemade Butter?

Yes, this one block of Homemade Butter is enough to let you experience outer space right from your bedroom. Since it is rich in THC, it is not recommended to consume the whole block at once. Those who frequent consumers of cannabis edibles with high THC content can easily relate to such edibles’ slow mounting effects. It is important to note that the high from this edible starts to kick in after half an hour to an hour of consumption.

Effects of Homemade Butter

According to reviews reported by several users with different health conditions, high from Homemade Butter can last up to 3 to 4 hours depending upon the amount consumed. Once the effects start to settle, the user will feel immensely relaxed with a serene sensation. The melting emotions will feel heavy, and the user will be having the best time of their life. A typical overdose of this Cannabis edible is when the whole block (200mg) of THC is consumed all at once, causing paranoia and tachycardia (increased heart rate). Other than that, it is the best dessert that you can have after a festive supper. 

Medical uses of Homemade Butter

Along with amazing recreational effects, Homemade Butter is proven to help with the following symptoms or conditions

  • Muscle Spasticity 
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Low Appetite 
  • Ailments


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