Medusa Gummies

Medusa Gummies are THC infused edible gummy bears. These gummies come in all sweet and sour flavors with a yummy scent and irresistible taste. The name Medusa makes some folks think of venomous snakes on a woman’s head as her hair but these cute gummies are nothing like that. Being infused with THC, these gummy bears will explode your mind with a potent high if consumed more than two gummies at once (so, not that naïve these gummies are either).

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Medusa Gummies’ Flavors, Grammage, and Composition

It comes in two different grammages of THC, 125 mg, and 250 mg. The active ingredient remains a distillate of THC.  Medusa Gummies come in a total of ten exciting flavors and that is one of the reasons why these gummies are loved by every edible lover. The exciting flavors of these gummies include:

Peach: THC infused gummies in an amazingly juicy Peach flavor. For those who like their slow and gradual high with a touch of a peachy acidic and sour taste. 

Blood Orange: For the Citrus lovers, these gummies also come with a fresh citrus aroma and taste packed with a blood-like food coloring. 

Cherry: What better would it be to have a cherry on top of your high.

Mango: Mango is the king of fruits and when this flavor is infused with THC, it doesn’t give you any lesser feeling than a King. 

Lemon: For those who want it Sour to the neck. Almost tasting like a real lemon these gummies will be your favorite edibles instantly. 

Apple: The most consistent flavor among all types of vapes, cigarettes, and now in THC gummies as well. 

Pineapple: Looking for some tropical balance between the sweet and tart, this is the right flavor for you. 

Watermelon: For those who like it fresh and hydrating, these watermelon flavored gummies will fulfill their thirst.

Strawberry: It’s not only kids’ favorite flavor but adults can also enjoy. 

Raspberry: Who doesn’t like the perfect combo of sweet and tart with a delicious flavor of Raspberry.      


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