Orange Kush (THC 22%)

Green Devil Genetics are the ones that manufactured this strain and made it famous throughout the cannabis community. A cross between Orange Bud and OG Kush, being an enticing effect that lasts long, it should not be overused or overdone by any amount.

Orange Kush a balanced strain with TCH levels at its peak. Some say it is 13 percent, while others say as high as 24 percent (%). Being an attractive strain in various ways including appearance, smell, and taste, it’s an easy strain to overuse.



Effects of Orange Kush:

Orange Kush eases your body into relaxation while often leaving you feeling dreamier than ever before. The effects are long-lasting and one of a kind. It can help you feel blissful and happy when times are hard and impactful with creativity and more delight.

Orange Kush Appearance, Aroma, and Flavour:

Orange Kush has an orange-like flavour, making it wanderlust and a go-to for most users. It has a skunky and spicy smell that is enticing and inviting, to use for all occasions and moods. Made for people with strong taste buds who like intense yet pleasurable experiences. It has dense and ample-sized, covered in orange hairs

Medical Benefits of Using Orange Kush

Packed with many different potencies; it can make you feel creative, robust, powerful, and happy. It has all the effects that the end-user wants and achieves when smoking the Orange Kush.

  • Relieves intense aches and pains or any joint-related issues 
  • Helps with insomnia and sleep issues
  • Stimulates appetite for people suffering from eating disorders

Medical patients rely on the Orange Kush to cope with their intense feelings and often feel relieved from all the pain and anxiety built up due to time, stress levels, and medical issues.


14 Grams (Half Ounce), 28 Grams (Full Ounce), 7 Grams (Quarter Ounce)


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