Shatter by Primo is a breakable, glasslike cannabis extract with an ability to crack when handled. It is named for its breaking tendency, like broken glass, and is preferred for its easy handling while dabbing. It needs long, delicate cleansing processes to appropriately eliminate all solvents used in the manufacturing process. It is high in THC percentage reaching upwards of 95% and has a translucent, honey-gold color, and is named for its solid form: it breaks or “shatters” on dropping.



Manufacturing of Shatter (Primo):

When it comes to manufacturing of “Primo” shatter, there is the elimination, often whipping the extract to evacuate all the remaining solvent. A pinch residual solvent will turn your brain into low-grade mush. So should we call it bad then? No, it’s not because it is made properly!.

Effects of Shatter:

Shatter (Primo) is considered a powerful product that’s more in C02 since the procedure doesn’t demolish the terpenes in the sprout being under process to make the shatter.

Unfortunately, It completely layers the bud of terpenes and other cannabinoid forms. If there is a medical patient that needs cannabis for an illness, it’s a great idea to go with Shatter (Primo) if one is taking the extract route.

Shatter Quality:

While assessing the quality of the extract that is under intake, the view and sense can get you some good hints as to the breed of bud utilized. If the extract is fluid and watery, it indicates that a low-grade crop was used. If the extract is thick and clear, then it was created using high-quality bud and in the case of Shatter (Primo), it is very well purified. C02 extractions get a lot of love since the process doesn’t use anything toxic.


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